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The Clearing Audio
by Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan

Why haven't you attracted everything you want?
What's the real secret to removing hidden inner blocks so you can have preferred results?
What's the truth about the Law of Attraction, anyway?
At last! - You can now start clearing the unconscious limiting beliefs in you that have prevented your attracting all you desire!
Just listen to The Clearing Audio™. You don't have to invest in MasterCard shares do anything in particular except relax. You can even listen while you surf the net, rest, or work. Let the audio do the rest. It's really that easy.
Order The Clearing Audio™ right now and begin to release and actually erase your hidden blocks to the wealth, success, happiness and all that you desire!
Does this honestly work? (It's guaranteed.)
How does it work? (See below.)
Keep reading for the invest in MasterCard shares in Kenya surprising proof...including why some people haven't been able to attract money (until now) and how the universe really works...!
From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale
Wimberley Texas, Planet Earth
Dear Friend,
You probably know I'm in the movie The Secret - the hit movie that is teaching people around the world about the Law of Attraction.
But far too many people see how to invest in MasterCard shares in Kenya it, try it and say it doesn't work.
There's a reason for that. And the movie doesn't explain it.
So let me explain it...
How LOA Really Works
The Law of Attraction (LOA) is as real as gravity. I've already proved this in such books of mine as The Attractor Factor and The Key, and in my audioprogram, The Missing Secret.
The thing is, the LOA works on an un-conscious level.
That means if you have counter-intentions within you, those intentions will
get manifested instead of the conscious intentions you really want!
Stay with me on this --
Say you want more money.
You state the intention "I now attract more money into my life."
You sit, meditate, feel the good vibes of having more money.
But -- the money doesn't come.
Why not?
Most likely because in your unconscious mind you have beliefs such as --
"Money is evil."
"Money will attract problems."
"Money will make me a selfish person."
"Wanting money is greedy."
"Rich people are snobs."
If you have one or more of those limiting beliefs within you, do you really think you'll attract any money?
In truth, you'll attract NOT having money.
Because your unconscious counter-intention ("Money is bad") will veto your conscious intention ("I now attract more money into my life").
Is it any wonder some people say The Secret  or the Law of Attraction doesn't work?

Hi Pat,

  I just wanted to share with you since I bought the clearing audio just 48 hours ago (yes 48 hours ago) I feel more calm, less stressed about life and my business and the really neat thing is, I wanted to test this theory of setting the intention and listening and doing the inspired action that followed, this is a really big deal so stay with me,

I am a work-a-holic, my intention was to make 1000 thousand dollars easily and effortlessly, I listened to the 20 minute audio, I finished with the session and the inspired thought came to me to take time to play with my newborn son that everything is taken care?  Not sure where that thought came from as it is not me, well we played and played and played and finally I put him to bed last night around 7pm and decided to check my emails before watching my NASCAR race, at 6:49 pm I received an email from my system saying that I had a new sale and that sale was for guess what 1,000 thousand dollars :-) 

I am ecstatic and I am looking forward to cleaning and clearing on a lot more issues.  This one tool ties everything together and makes it work beautifully...Thank you so much

To your and my success,

John and Chystal Pate

How the Universe Works
In my book The Key, and in my audioprogram The Missing Secret, I use the following diagram to explain how the Universe works :

As you can see, the inspiration you receive to do something is filtered through your belief system.
While you may be aware of some of your conscious beliefs, you most likely don't have a clue what your un-conscious beliefs are.
Yet it's those un-conscious beliefs that need cleared before you'll achieve the results you want!
So what do you do about these counter-intentions and limiting beliefs?
"Pat, I just want you to know that I am positively stunned by the effectiveness of the Clearing Audio.  I downloaded them, dropped them on my ipod and used the binaural music track during my morning meditation,  I was not only charged with positive energy, but I had amazing and inspired new insights for product ideas,  AND I had several inbound requests for big time joint ventures.  Wow.  But that's not all.  A little later in the morning I ran it again while I was training (exercise). UNBELIEVABLE results,  more energy, more power, faster recovery.  It is my new secret weapon.  You're amazing.  Thank you!"  - Steve Little, California
How to Achieve Whatever You Want
Obviously, once you clear those hidden blocks to your success, your success has nothing in the way of happening.
The roadblocks are gone.
You're clear.
But how do you get clear?
After all, the unconscious limitations are un-conscious!
So how do you find them and erase them?
I've been developing different ways to help myself and others get clear for years now. They include Miracles Coaching, my books, my events, DVDs and more.
All of those work, but not everyone can afford them.
So I joined forces with Pat O'Bryan and together we created The Clearing Audio™.
What does it do?
The Clearing Audio Aligns You
The Clearing Audio™ is a breakthrough in personal growth. 
It is original music by Pat (an accomplished musician with several CDs out) and original statements by me, a certified hypnotherapist and, well, a "master belief cleanser." :)
The combination of spoken commands and original music, combined with some high-tech binaural sounds (Milagro VF (TM)), creates a unique audio that speaks to your unconscious mind.
The music is easy listening, relaxing, and de-stressing.
You can play it while you work, drive, rest, exercise or even sleep.
You can listen to it once a day, once every few days, or whenever you feel inspired to play it.
Regular use is best, of course, because it will continue to clean those hidden blocks. (I'm listening to it as I write this.)
We made the audio months ago but wanted to keep testing it to be sure it works.
Boy, does it!
I've listened to it on a regular basis and noted my energy went up, my productivity went up, my creativity improved, and I achieved more goals easier and faster.
And I was already doing pretty good!
Now it's your turn.

Hi Pat & Joe,

The Clearing Audio has been very powerful for me.  While listening the first time yesterday I came up with an exciting business idea.  I immediately took action on registering the domain name.  I put the audios on to fall asleep to last night and had to get up and log back into my computer to register another domain.  I finally turned them off so I could get some sleep! 

I think they are magical!

Thank you for a powerful and simple cleaning tool.


The Secret Formula
Order The Clearing Audio™ right now. Download it to your computer or ipod or any other player, and listen to it.
That's it.
I still suggest -- no, I insist -- that you set intentions and take action, but now you'll have The Clearing Audio™ to remove those hidden blocks in you so you can actually achieve your intentions.
Think of it.
Now you can use the Law of Attraction in a conscious, directed way.
The secret formula for success is simple:
1. State your intention.
2. Listen to The Clearing Audio
3. Act on the inspirations you get.
And then look out -- RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!
Bonus-  Three Ways To Clear
To make sure you get the most effective results, we're including three different forms of the Clearing Audio™. 
  • With the affirmation spoken by Dr. Vitale- out loud- so you can hear them.


  • With the same affirmations delivered directly to your subconscious.


  • With just the inspirational music.


You can immediately download all three audios.

 Hello Pat,

Just a note to let you know how beautiful this audio is.  I have been looking for something like this for the past few years.

Back in the 60's Jose Silva with the Silva Mind Control developed an audio with sounds that slowed the brain to 10 cycles per second which is the alpha state. The second sound on the audio slowed down the heart.  Together it sounded like an old washing machine. But it worked and was a fast way to put a person into self hypnosis.

I have heard the one put out by (another company)  but the sounds upset my hearing and were harsh.  

This is beautiful.


Your Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee
Your Guarantee: If you’re not happy any time within 8 weeks from your purchase, let me or Pat know and you can have your money refunded – all of it – no questions asked.
There's nothing else to say except try this for yourself. The investment is tiny but the return could be abundantly miraculous.
Why not order The Clearing Audio™ and see for yourself?
After all, what if it really works?

Click here to download now!

Yours for Success,
Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of way too many books to list here
PS -- The Clearing Audio™ won't take away your will to do anything or replace earthly action. You still have to set your intentions and take action. But now, with The Clearing Audio™ on your side, you'll be able to easily remove those blocks to your wishes. Order it and let the magic begin.
PPS - I'll be blunt. You know you've attracted some things easily but other goals have seemed impossible or difficult. Why were some easy and others hard? The Law of Attraction works all the time, so the difference must be IN YOU. Again, if you have blocks and beliefs that don't agree with the intention you state, you won't achieve your intention. You must get clear. The easiest, fastest, most cost effective way I know how to do this is with The Clearing Audio™. You may be skeptical about it, but what will you achieve if you don't at least try it? Order it and test it for yourself.

Click here to download now!






It's really that easy...

You can now start clearing the unconscious limiting beliefs in you that have prevented your attracting all you desire!














The thing is, the LOA works on an un-conscious level.
That means if you have counter-intentions within you, those intentions willget manifested instead of the conscious intentions you really want!

















While you may be aware of some of your conscious beliefs, you most likely don't have a clue what your un-conscious beliefs are.
Yet it's those un-conscious beliefs that need cleared before you'll achieve the results you want!





The combination of spoken commands and original music, combined with some high-tech binaural sounds (Milagro VF (TM)), creates a unique audio that speaks to your unconscious mind.











  “What is Milagro VF?”

Milagro VF is our trade name for binaural beats.

To quote Bill Harris, of the Centerpointe Institute, “The idea of using precise sounds to alter a listener's state of mind came from a 1973 article in Scientific American by researcher Dr. Gerald Oster of Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. In this article, "Auditory Beats in "The Brain," Oster describes a characteristic of the brain wherein electrical brain wave patterns resonate to certain precise frequencies when presented with audio tones of certain frequencies.”

At about the same time, Robert Monroe, of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, was also investigating binaural beats. In thousands of experiments, using an EEG machine to monitor subjects’ electrical brain wave patterns, Monroe also concluded that he could entrain brain wave patterns using binaural beats.

In addition, he noted that the response did not happen only in the area of the brain responsible for hearing, or only in one hemisphere or the other, but rather, the entire brain resonated. The waveforms of both hemispheres exhibited identical frequencies, amplitude, phase, and coherence.

It’s a fascinating scientific fact that the brain will “entrain” with the binaural beats and follow them to whatever state is most beneficial for the reception of the subliminal suggestions.

There is exhaustive research linking specific brain-wave frequencies with the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta states.

We started with their original research, and looked for ways to customize their techniques to better accomplish our goals. There’s evidence that lower carrier frequencies (the audible tones) are more effective than higher ones. There’s also evidence that some people use headphones that don’t
accurately reproduce those frequencies. This suggested a compromise in terms of carrier frequency that we adjust for each project.

We’ve found that it’s useful to start each project with binaural beats that are pretty close to where the
brain operates in daily life, in terms of frequency. Once the brain has entrained with the beat, we
gradually adjust the beat to create a brain state that will have the least resistance to the subliminals.

When we combined the most effective series of binaural beats with music that was designed to
influence a respiration pattern that worked with the binaurals, the result was very exciting. We found that we could influence the brain wave state, the rate of breathing, and consequently, the heartbeat rate.

This gave us a powerful tool to help you create the optimum environment in your body and mind to receive the subliminal suggestions included in each product.

We’re still learning. The assumption was that the products would be listened to over headphones.  We’ve received several reports from Milagro community members that indicate that there are benefits to listening to them over speakers.

 We’ve gotten emails describing increased productivity and focus, along with a general relaxation effect. I think that’s the most effective research available- it’s interesting to know what something’s supposed to do, but it’s more useful to know what it actually does.





Click here to download now!

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